International Program

Are there additional costs once I arrive in Newcomb?

If you want to be able to take your assigned laptop out of school there is a $25 charge.  Also if you are a senior and are graduating there will be mandatory test fees and college application fees.  

Why do you have so many international students in your little school?

There have been years when 40% of our High School has been made up of international students. We invite international students for many reasons, but the greatest reason is diversity.

 Newcomb is a wonderful place, and the school is one of the finest in the state, but we don’t have people from other cultures. We believe that to properly prepare for the world, our students must be exposed to people from other cultures. We have also found that because we are such a welcoming community, Newcomb is a great place for the international students.  The heart of the United States is not only in our urban areas, it is in our rural communities – in places like Newcomb!

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