The Town of Newcomb is located in the largest park in the continental United States. It is a safe, friendly, welcoming community.

While going to school here, international students stay with local families and become members of their adopted homes. They celebrate birthdays and holidays together and enjoy all that Newcomb has to offer.

At Newcomb Central School, our students and international students not only go to class together – they become friends who spend free time together.  This is a wonderful place for hiking, canoeing, kayaking, water skiing and tubing, white water rafting, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, fishing, golfing, camping, skiing and more.

The biggest advantage of a small school is that everyone does everything. In Newcomb, students who have never played a sport or an instrument have the opportunity to learn while staying with us. It is not unusual for an international student to sing in Chorus, participate in Band, play Varsity sports*, join Youth and Government, perform on stage with the Drama Club, and run for student government.

Parents of our international students love knowing that their children are safe and that a school Physician Assistant is available 24/7 for diagnosis and treatment should any illness arise.


*Please note: Athletic eligibility or participation is not guaranteed.

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